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JL RPOS – Restaurant Management system

fully-integrated Restaurant Management system

WWe provides a fully-integrated suite of solutions for quick service, table service, and hospitality operators that want innovative, easy to use point of sale (POS), and enterprise solutions

1. It also helps to create repeat business and customer loyalty by building a stronger relationship with your guests and customers.

2. it can be easily used by the staffs of different restaurant departments and is powered with highly customizable robust features to meet every requirement of your restaurant, be it managing the stocks/inventory, increasing business efficiency, increasing table turnaround time, managing different branches, collecting customer feedback, or managing any data that is important for your restaurant, irrespective of the location and time, we've got it all covered.

3. improving staff efficiency and reducing customer complaints.

We are the only restaurant management
software that provides a true
end-to-end solution.

How JL Restaurent POS Works

Our POS software is an affordable solution to help grow your business

Restaurant POS system is customizable to your business. Our POS software is an affordable solution to help grow your business, from the easy to learn user interface that reduces the amount of taps per transaction, to the robust scheduling and inventory tools.

The KOT contains details such as table number, items ordered and its quantity. In the billing division, it is the table number through which the corresponding KOTs are identified. Suppose if a guest of a particular table orders 5 times, 5 different KOTs are prepared for that table and the total amount is obtained by the summation of all the KOTs of that table.

Final bill contains the all kot’s details and amount issued to any particular table.

Restaurant cooked food to be eaten elsewhere. It refers to prepared meals or other food items, purchased at a restaurant, that the purchaser intends to eat elsewhere

Home Delivery is the process of delivering goods from a source location to a predefined destination. Home delivery is often available for fast food and other convenience products, e.g. pizza delivery.

fully integrated Accounting, Back Office &
Workforce Solution. Manage your prime costs.
Manage your entire business.

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What Makes JL Restaurent POS

Most Popular and Trusted end to end restaurent solution

Touch screen automation

We provide touch screen restaurant automation system

ticket printer support

Thermal ticket printer supported & Partial ticket settlement

Different menus

This POS have different menus for each departments

Easy Customization

Easly customizable with the healp of understandable documentation

Receiving payments

Receiving payments by choosing items from ticket.

price lists

Changing price lists at a certain time of day

menu buttons

Colored menu buttons with product thumbnails

Printing reports

Printing reports from ticket printer